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Here’s a massive collection of photos from the month of May. Such an amazing month! Below are some photos featuring adventurer Alison Teal, RareForm ambassador Donica Shouse, Ina’s Boobie Shack hats, and professional athlete Jenny Kalmbach.

woman spots a sea turtle among the coral reef in hawaii

mandy & the sea turtle

a morning out exploring the reef + an afternoon swimming beneath a murky reef break.

CJ Kanuha, mid-air


Great waves around town, pond exploring, a few water shots at Banyans, portraits, and two weddings.


MAY: GoPro Edition

All of these were taken on a GoPro Hero3 (+ basic colour correction). You can check out my write-up about what settings I use on the GoPro + more photos, here: ttp://


taken on a GoPro Hero3

woman swims beneath dolphins


February was … fantastic.    Island exploring, island hopping, swimming with dolphins, and spending a lot of quality time in the water.

stephanie boeckmann


Here is an eclectic selection of images from my month of January… most of which was spent in the water, of course. A mix of GoPro and DSLR images from a few days spent in Kauai, Oahu, and the rest on Big Island. Enjoy!

dog swimming underwater near mount martha beach in victoria, australia


3 weeks in OZ! So thankful to catch up with friends and “take a vacation” before the next adventure with Alison. Heaps of great times and for once, not many photos … so enjoy these few. ;)

On an Island in the Middle of Beqa Lagoon

Welcome to Yanuca Island! Home to a quaint strip of shell-ridden beach line, lofty palm trees, and crystal clear water. Alison and I spent about two weeks soaking in some sun, exploring the island, meeting the villagers of the other side, filming a short piece […]


Blue Duck Station

I thought I was going to go crazy when we first arrived at the most landlocked location on the north island of New Zealand – Blue Duck Station. 10 days away from the ocean!? Sounds great! I don’t think I have ever had a better […]


new zealand

Hopped off to New Zealand for 3 weeks, for some more projects with Alison’s Adventures. Some of the highlights included digging holes and basking in the heat pools at Hot Water Beach in Hahei, after a chilly sunset kayak, staying at Karioi Lodge in Raglan, […]


hey hey byron bay

Out and about with Alison from Alison’s Adventures.  Check out some of her blogs from our adventures here: … she does hula, everywhere!