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woman swims beneath dolphins


February was … fantastic.    Island exploring, island hopping, swimming with dolphins, and spending a lot of quality time in the water.

stephanie boeckmann


Here is an eclectic selection of images from my month of January… most of which was spent in the water, of course. A mix of GoPro and DSLR images from a few days spent in Kauai, Oahu, and the rest on Big Island. Enjoy!


dipping into DECEMBER

I nearly forgot about Christmas because I was spending too much time in the water. Here are some 80+ highlights from this beautiful month.

underwater waves surf sunset light

glassy as golden hour.

i locked my keys in my truck … and the hide-a-key as well. it was a perfect afternoon otherwise. :)

donica shouse odina bikini underwater ocean

hey there, NOVEMBER

finally back home after the past few months of travelling through australia, the grand canyon, and california. surfing once, if not twice a day was the prescription after such a length of time away from my favourite warm hawaiian water. here’s a few visual highlights […]

dog swimming underwater near mount martha beach in victoria, australia


3 weeks in OZ! So thankful to catch up with friends and “take a vacation” before the next adventure with Alison. Heaps of great times and for once, not many photos … so enjoy these few. ;)



No surf in August but heaps of photos! Below are highlights and outtakes from various shoots, adventures, and projects I’ve been working on in August. Enjoy!


Follow the Light 2012



So thankful to be back home in Hawai’i for two months! Below are heaps of photos, (highlights and outtakes) of different photosessions, adventures, and projects I’ve been doing in July. Enjoy!



May was the month to rest and recharge. Finally, a chance to put the camera down, get some much-needed surf time, get in shape for the month to come in Fiji, and spend quality hang time with some of my favourite people. Meet Toshie … […]


Arts Factory Lodge

I’ve always heard great things about the Arts Factory Lodge in Byron Bay. It’s such a unique and quirky place with quite the assortment of eclectic and talented people.


an afternoon with kimie

Met up with Kimie Miner, one of my favourite Big Island music artists, to do a quick UW shoot! Absolutely in love with her music!