© 2012 . All rights reserved. fiji june 2012 | photo by sarah lee

Two weeks of Cloudbreak

Amazing to see this place in its different facets over two weeks – dead flat, softly shoulder-high, peaky and blown out, an offshore 8ft at 16 seconds, glassy and perfect 8-10ft stand-up barrels, and maxing out at 15ft+. Any of those days could have given you a thrashing one way or another, whether the reef wanted to greet you, the sea lice wanted a taste test, or the waves wanted to put you through a heavy loaded wash cycle. Regardless, it wasn’t too difficult to score, though maybe it seemed that way because 90% of the crowd was pro’s.

Below is a mix of water shots and a few from the boat, before, during, and after the comp days. There was SO much coverage of this event, I figure it would be more interesting to show a few highlights and sense of place, than dive into the department of redundancy.

Stu Johnson, underwater somewhere in Fiji. Check out more of his daily photos of Fiji here.

Alison Teal, diving under Dane Gudauskas at Cloudbreak.  Shot on a GoPro Hero 2!

Stoked to get this opportunity, but also looking forward to getting outta here for some real adventures away from the main island.  Beqa lagoon, here we come!