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I wasn’t even supposed to be staying in Hawai’i this month, and I still can’t believe how this time last year, I was in Singapore and Bali, shooting photos and working on a short documentary. That experience gave me the travel bug and kick-started off into a great 2011, and this first month of 2012 is definitely going to be leading into some exciting times ahead.

I was supposed to be back in Orange County, slaving away for a month to get 3 credits in some mundane general education class that would count towards me completing my college degree. I still “earned” 3 credits this month but instead of sitting in a classroom for 5 hours a day, 4x a week, and studying useless information which would slip through my head faster than that dodgy taco you at at that hole-in-the-wall that at gave you food poisoning, I got approved for an independent study course to team up with four documentary production classmates from Chapman to help them shoot a short doco on a freediver / underwater photographer (sea life) based out of Kona, my hometown. It was such a blast, trekking around the West shores of the Big Island to help shoot this doco, and was obviously heaps of fun to have friends to “tour” around my favourite spots on the island.

During this month, I also teamed up with Alison Teal and some other girls to shoot underwater and lifestyle photos for Odina, a sweet line of eco bikinis which made of plastic bottles and other recycled materials. We were blessed with a week of decent swell in Kona and some vog-free days that cleared up the view of Mt. Hualalai, making for some perfect photo opportunities.

And talk about last-minute: The last Friday of the month, I was scheduled to depart to Orange County but instead was flown to San Francisco on a day’s notice to help shoot and edit some video blog content at the Macworld conference for Melbourne Geek, an Australian online tech and review blog site run by my friend, Josh Janssen, who I met back in September while visiting in the city. Also got to re-connect with my hyper-talented friend from Kona, Eda.

Now back in Orange County, I’m stoked to be living a street across from my favourite OC surf beach, and getting ready to work on a project that’s going to be taking me out of the country again in March.


  1. Vicki Y says:

    I am always in awe of your photos and can’t remember when I stumbled upon them (I think I read an article about you somewhere). But they are breathtaking.

  2. Eda says:

    Girl, how the HECK did I miss you kept a blog.
    I fail. :P
    But serious hearts. Come back soon. ;]