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A cloudy, glassy morning in some dying swell.


  1. Bruce says:

    I love the last photo. So clear and the subjects are stunning.

  2. Daniel Fryer says:

    Do you preset your WB for underwater shots or do you shoot on auto and edit in post postproduction. or or or do you edit the subject rather then the whole photo or or or or is a grab bag and whatever works works. I’m starting to get a bunch of female clients and they want to be TAN underwater and it’s messing with the composistion of the wave lol. you can answer privately if you like

    1. Sarah Lee says:

      Shooting on RAW, I’m able to change the white balance/tones in post. Most of the time, it’s an adjustment made to the entire photo.

  3. Melanie Travis says:

    Fabulous photos as always Sarah.