Monthly Archives: November 2010


RW shoot

promo shoot for an upcoming conference


the albrights | the lee’s

Family portrait photosession my aunt & uncle in Chandler … and another family photosession with the Albrights in Gilbert.


sharaya | senior portrait photosession

Senior portrait photosession of my super-awesome cousin, Sharaya Lee down in Gilbert/Chandler, AZ.  She’s incredibly gifted in vocal performance and volleyball/basketball.


on the road to arizona

Roadtrip to Arizona with my housemate, Lisa (who is an awesome artist/graphic designer!) to visit family for Thanksgiving weekend.


sunday after church

Helping out a friend after church one day with some photos for her design project.


rey & renee

1 year anniversary photos in Long Beach


sandeep & vijeta | engagement party

An Indian engagement party. Such a new experience to photograph, but so great!


ava & bella

More of Ava + Bella!


“The Drop”

“The Drop” Chapman University Senior Thesis Dir. Jay Raja / Cine. Nicholas Wiesnet / Prod. David Applebee / PD. Micah Embry

Chapman University Dodge College AP

the mighty lou kingston

Here are some random photos and stills from a student film shoot I did the cinematography for. Shot over 3 days in a boxing gym in La Habra.